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2015 Kalleske Biodynamic Barrel Project 3-Pack


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As biodynamics is a fundamental part of our philosophy, it was a natural extension for us to explore the use of biodynamic barrels, so that is what we did when the French Cooper, Tonnellerie Bordelaise, invited us to be the first in Australia to use their Biodynamic barrels. In 2010, Tonnellerie Bordelaise started a new project – to harvest wood based on existing biodynamic/moon cycle principles. Small lots in the Chateauroux and Loches forest were harvested on specific days (flower/fruit/root days). After a few months the staves were split on corresponding days. Then manufacture and toasting occurred on the same moon cycle as harvesting and splitting.

So, the thinking behind the biodynamic barrel project is that depending on when each oak tree was harvested, the wood is likely to have slightly different characteristics. When exactly the same wine is matured in those barrels, the differences in oak wood should reflect in the wine, giving subtly different characteristics to the wine.  Based on this well established knowledge we are ardent to present three wines exploring the nuances of certain oak tree harvest and barrel coopering days and their effects on wine.  We found real differences in the aroma and palate of each wine, but we invite you to judge for yourself.