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2019 Kalleske Parallax Grenache


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Parallax: Parallax is when an object appears to change its position because the person or instrument perceiving it has changed their position.

Parallax Grenache… the object is the same, Grenache… but the winery perceiving it has changed their position… hence the emergence of a neoteric expression of this classic old vine Barossa varietal…

Grenache is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world.  It is typically harvested late in the season when it is fully ripe to display gorgeous rich sweet red fruit characters and soft supple tannins with a generous and supple mouthfeel.  But when harvested early in the season a divergent and equally impressive wine can result.  Parallax Grenache is picked 2-3 weeks earlier than normal and combined with fermentation on stalks and minimal maturation has resulted in an admirably divergent wine compared to the norm from this variety, showing the versatility of Grenache. 

Growing Season

Quality from 2019 is stunning.  It was a warm and extremely dry growing season with rainfall down significantly (39%), making it one of the driest years in the past century.  Summer was 3 degrees warmer than average.  Yields were impacted by the dry season, leading to smaller berries and bunches.  Importantly quality is brilliant producing richly flavoured, intense wines.       


Parallax is a single-vineyard wine from a low yielding Grenache vineyard.  The soil is sandy loam with quartz, ironstone and subsoil clay, providing optimal conditions for these vines. 


The Grenache was harvested on March 6th.  The grapes were crushed and all stalks were included in the fermenters to add tannin, structure and complexity.  The native wild yeast from the vineyard were left to naturally ferment with temperature peaking at 21 degrees C.  Heading down boards were used in the fermenters, completely submersing the skins and stalks in the fermenting juice to ensure gentle extraction.  After 12 days on skins, the must was pressed to tank for natural malolactic fermentation and brief maturation prior to bottling.    

Tasting Notes

2019 Parallax is bright ruby-red in colour.

The aroma is compelling.  Immediately inviting, bursting of fresh flowers, strawberries, rhubarb, herbs, forest floor and sarsaparilla.  Expressive and captivating.

The palate is light-bodied but packs a punch.  It evokes purity, brightness, freshness and honest Grenache flavour.  The luminous berry fruits are foremost and complimented with light chalky tannins adding an exquisite fine backbone.  It is a dynamic wine with minerality and a touch of earth complexing the crunchy fruits.  There is an immensely lengthy finish, so pure and charming to finish this delectable wine.  Parallax is best enjoyed now or over the next five years.