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2019 Kalleske Plenarius Viognier


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Plénárius: full; complete; entire; absolute
“Nothing added; nothing taken away”

Growing Season

Quality from 2019 is stunning.  It was a warm and extremely dry growing season with rainfall down significantly (39%), making it one of the driest years in the past century.  Summer was 3 degrees warmer than average.  Yields were impacted by the dry season, leading to smaller berries and bunches.  Importantly quality is brilliant producing richly flavoured, intense wines.     


Plenarius is from a single vineyard of Viognier on the Kalleske property at Moppa.  The vines are low yielding and soil is shallow sand with clay subsoil.


The grapes were harvested in the cool of the night on February 26th.  They were then destemmed to an open top fermenter.  It was treated like a red wine with hand pump-overs morning and night to circulate the fermenting juice through the skins extracting flavour and subtle tannin.  The must was entirely wild fermented with absolutely no additions.  The wine was on skins for 8 days with ferment temperatures ranging from 19 to 32 degrees Celsius.  At dryness the must was drained and the wine was filled to seasoned French oak hogsheads.  It underwent natural malolactic fermentation in barrel and was matured for 10 months on lees prior to racking for bottling with zero additions, bottling as 100% grapes.

Tasting Notes

2019 Plenarius is an attractive whisky amber colour.

It’s bright and lifted with vivid aromatics bursting forth.  Extremely intriguing with notes of honey, candied orange peel, jasmine perfume and cold tea.
It is full flavoured with a layered texture.  Initially silky with glycerol and dried fruits, it opens up to a lightly drying finish thanks to natural skin tannins adding a subtle grip.  Innate acidity provides freshness which balances an oily roundness.  Long to finish, this is an enjoyable and enthralling wine with a complex mesh of aromas, flavours and textures providing a provocative and enchanting drink