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2021 Lorraine Semscato


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Lorraine Semscato is grown on the Kalleske family farm at Greenock in the North-Western Barossa Valley. The Kalleske family have been farming the property since 1853.

The wine gains its name from Australia’s fastest hand grape-picker, Lorraine Kalleske, who during the 1980s was the fastest hand grape-picker in Australia, winning a total of four National Grape picking Championships, including a three-in-a-row trifecta. As the competition is no longer held, Lorraine retains the title of Australia’s fastest grape-picker. Lorraine has put her skills to good use by hand-harvesting grapes on the Kalleske farm for the past five decades. Lorraine Semscato is a deliciously sweet, slightly bubbly wine reflecting the sweet, flavoursome grapes and bubbly personalities on the Kalleske vineyard.


A 1980 planting of Semillon is the origin of this wine. These old vines give rich flavours, complexity and balance. The vines are grown in sandy loam soil over deep red clay and are hand pruned.


Grapes were specifically harvested whilst fresh and vibrant to make a bright fruit driven wine.  Harvested on February 25th, the grapes displayed crisp acidity and vivid aromatics. After crushing, the grapes were immediately pressed followed by cold settling before racking to fermentation, where the juice was fermented at low temperature to retain bright fruit characters. A portion of juice (one third) was retained without fermentation and blended with the wine prior to bottling to add natural grape sweetness and produce a wine of low alcohol and innate balance. The wine was then immediately bottled with light fizziness to retain utmost freshness.

Tasting Notes

2021 Lorraine Semscato is bright straw in colour.

There are brilliant varietal aromas of jasmine, lemon myrtle and Summer blossoms with underlying tropical fruits including pineapple and rockmelon.

The palate is clean and lively with plenty of juiciness. Tropical fruits carry through the palate along with lemon rind and fresh lime juice. The innate residual grape sweetness is superbly balanced with fine acid making this wine evocatively drinkable, combined with a natural spritz adding zing. It’s long to finish completing an all-round delicious wine.

Recommended Drinking: 
Drink now while young and radiant.