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2022 Petillant Naturel – Grenache


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Petillant Naturel…
Pétillant Naturel, or Pét-Nat for short is French for “naturally sparkling”. Pét-Nat’s are made by bottling a wine part way through fermentation. This will trap a small amount of the carbon dioxide (that is produced during fermentation) in the bottle resulting in a natural sparkling wine. The wine is unfined, unfiltered and naturally cloudy

Growing Season

The 2022 vintage was excellent.  Winter was significantly wetter than average getting the vines off to a brilliant start leading into Spring which was cool with median rainfall.  Summer was mild and dry apart from rain on the last day.  Autumn remained mild with generally perfect mid-20s weather combined with cool nights ensuring steady even ripening across all varieties.  The 2022 yields were good and the quality is great, a classic Barossa vintage displaying rich flavours with fine balance.       


Grenache grapes for the Red Pet Nat were harvested on March 14th.  This is early in the season for late-ripening Grenache.  At this stage the grapes are bright and crunchy with lower grape sugar and resultant low alcohol.  Stalks were included in the ferment for added dimension.  Wild yeast undertook the ferment which was on skins for 7 days, gently extracting colour and flavour with twice-daily pump-overs.  After a rough racking the wine was hand-bottled with a touch of residual grape sweetness, which the yeast fermented in the bottle, trapping the carbon dioxide in the wine and creating a naturally sparkling Grenache.  This wine is 100 percent grapes, with absolutely no additives.

Tasting Notes

The 2022 Grenache Pet-Nat is cloudy mid pink-purple in appearance.  It’s very raw-looking, but rather attractive.

Aromatically it is super-lifted with notes of freshly crushed raspberry, white pepper spice and Summer garden herbs. 

The palate is perfectly spritzy.  It is dry and crunchy with intense perfumed red fruits throughout.  There are chalky natural tannins balancing the lovely bright fruits.  An enduring fresh natural acid line keeps the wine refreshing and wanting for more.  It’s completed with a rather long finish.  From the very start through to the end this wine oozes honesty, purity and enticing drinkability. 

This wine is unfined, unfiltered and naturally cloudy!

You may notice some sediment in the bottle so therefore you have a few options…

1. Keep the bottle upright for 12+ hours to help settle the wine before serving

2. Pour through a fine sieve, cheesecloth or clean ‘chux’

3. Embrace the sediment, twirl the bottle and enjoy!

PS Remember to serve chilled and open carefully