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Kalleske Divergent Genre

Divergent… ‘Tending to be different or develop in different directions. Moving away from what is expected’

The Barossa Valley is well known for traditional varieties such as shiraz and grenache made in a traditional style. Troy Kalleske also forged his place in the Barossa creating these styles of wine and when he established Kalleske Wines with his brother Tony in 2002 they focussed on the wine styles that would showcase the Kalleske vineyards. Troy was always adventurous and this is reflected in his winemaking; so after a number of years of making famous Barossa styles, Troy began to experiment and started to create some wines that were a little different. This genre of wine is known within the Kalleske range as the Divergent Genre.

“Our Divergent Genre is where we ‘play’ either in the vineyard or at the winery to give a different, somewhat offbeat, but focused interpretation of a traditional variety or style.  This genre of wines now consists of four wines of Plenarius Viognier, Zeitgeist Shiraz, Parallax Grenache and CCCLXV Durif all with there own signature style that showcases the variety in a different way to the norm.” Troy Kalleske

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